AGC of california

Project Scope

AGC of California is an advocacy and education organization for professional construction and contracting professionals. The client holds key events throughout the year including their annual Awards and Installation Gala

Illuminate provides all audio, video, lighting, and awards video content for this event.


AGC of CA had seen Illuminate’s work in the past and approached us to help them bring the production level of their events to a higher caliber. Like many associations and advocacy agencies, the client had a long tradition of booking with in-house audio-visual providers, but felt that value was lacking. Specifically, they did not feel their quality content was being properly communicated at their events, nor did they feel attendees were getting the desired experience of a major awards gala. IPS connected with the client’s creative agency to design a dynamic production that matched branded event materials and complimented the aesthetics of the chosen venue. In 2021, due to venue closures and travel restrictions, IPS worked with AGC of CA to host a hybrid virtual event from our headquarter offices. The same design process in working with the client’s creative team was used to create a smaller live studio stage set that complimented branded event materials and the tone the client wanted to communicate.


IPS provided all audio, video, lighting, scenic, power distribution, awards video content, and streaming/live conferencing services for this event. Some of the key gear used included:

  • Line Array P.A. systems by Adamson Systems Engineering.
  • Wireless audio by Shure.
  • Video by Black Magic Design, Teradek, Panasonic, and our in-house Tour Rated LED Video.
  • Lighting by Elation Professional.
  • Staging truss and scenic staging (lecterns) by Global. 


For 2020, the gala took place in a historic hotel in San Francisco with one of the most challenging loading docks in the city. IPS’ team members driving skills were put to the test backing into a level dock from a street that was sloped by what seemed like 45 degree angle, or more. IPS also coordinated all venue required I.A.T.S.E. union labor for the event. Normally, for produced events we prefer to load-in and set up at least one day, or even two days prior. This allows time for rehearsals and a crew that is not tired or rushed at show time. This ballroom was not available to set the day prior, so load-in was the same day as the show. This would normally make any type of rehearsals or run through extremely challenging. Our solution was setting a small front of house area and some display monitors in a small banquet room our client was using for an office. This allowed us to run rehearsals the day prior.

All successful productions require careful preparation. However, same-day load-in and show situations require even more. The IPS team strategically planned every element of the gear pack, checking, double-checking, and providing multiple contingency plans and backup gear. As a result, the install was done and we were show ready several hours prior to doors opening.

For 2021, this event was held at Illuminate’s headquarter offices. The event was broadcast over Zoom and several awards finalists, winners, and presenters were broadcast to the IPS studio via zoom. A main stage area for emcees, hosts, and on site presenters was created with scenic LED video backdrop. IPS also created a green room and VIP area where on-site attendees and presenters could view the event via our broadcast feed to large display monitors. We built the VIP area by draping off a large section of our main warehouse with black velour, all up-lit in the client’s color. The event took place on a rather cold stormy night in January and our warehouse does not have central HVAC, so we provided a temporary heat solution that was safe and highly effective.  Speaking of storms, on the day of the event we experienced severe power outages in areas near our shop. The client had expressed concerns about this in advance and plans were made in the event we needed to provide temporary power. However, the IPS headquarter offices are uniquely positioned in an area with a somewhat “protected” electrical grid. At no time did our power go down despite being out in surrounding areas visible from our offices.


For 2020, event attendees gave rave reviews that continued for several weeks after the event. IPS staff on-site at the event heard one attendee telling our client “This was unbelievable! I feel like we were at the Academy Awards!” On hearing this feedback, we knew we had delivered success for the client.

For 2021, our client knew they did not want to cancel their event like so many other groups were forced to do. Stakes were high for having a quality event in a virtual space when compared to such a successful live event the year prior. More importantly, the client wanted to make sure they were engaging with the event attendees in a manner that was mindful of the climate everyone was experiencing during the pandemic. All reports back from attendees online and at our headquarters was that the event was a complete success. Attendees were still able to enjoy an experience that celebrated them and their industry and have a strong sense of connection. The Illuminate team is looking forward to our next event with AGC of CA!

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