Shareholder symposium

Project Scope

One of the more costly aspects of live event production is often the cost of in-house rigging at a venue. Although it is best to hang lighting, P.A. systems and other production elements from the ceiling, managing event production expense is also a challenge every professional planner and producer has to consider. Illuminate has a safe, economical alternative to the high cost of rigging; fully ground supported audio, video, and lighting.

For this  2 day shareholder symposium, the client desired a broadcast quality set with multiple camera angles for streaming, IMAG, and record, backstage green room areas, and a stage and seating layout that allowed for more engagement with the audience than a traditional conference or seminar. IPS managed to accomplish all of this with no in-house rigging.    


IPS’ VP of Sales & Marketing Jeff Hess and VP of Design, Caleb Franke worked directly with the client to create a semi-circle stage set that brought the audience and subjects on stage closer together for a more intimate event experience. The entire rig (audio, video, lighting, and scenic) was 100% ground supported so there were no venue rigging charges for the seminar room.

The downstairs meal area was a large exhibit space that needed to serve as multi-functional space for expo booths, banquet seating, and reception space. IPS designed a dynamic lighting and LED display system that framed the room’s perimeter allowing the room to dramatically change looks at different times. The result was the conversion of a large concrete hall into a space uniquely branded for our client. Our client did opt to use in-house rigging for the main audio and video feed to the room, but the rest of our set was ground supported.


IPS provided all audio, video, lighting, staging/scenic, and power distribution for this event. In Addition to the main seminar room, we provided overflow audio and video to the lobby areas and downstairs meal areas. Some of the key gear used included:

  • Line Array P.A. systems by Adamson Systems Engineering.
  • Wireless audio by Shure.
  • Video by Black Magic Design, Teradek, and our in-house Tour Rated LED Video.
  • Lighting by Elation Professional
  • Staging by SteelDeck and truss by Global
  • Scenic video by our in-house 20 mil LED Video.


This set up required one day for load in and install, one day for clean up, tech, and dress rehearsals, and two show days. Key goals for Illuminate were on site live streaming tests to client’s headquarters and being 95% show ready in time for client rehearsals. Efficient shop prep, labor management, and systems testing allowed IPS to not only meet, but exceed these goals.


Our client said this was one of the best run symposiums they had ever experienced. Attendee feedback was also extremely positive. The open and roomy feel of the symposium, the natural flow between meal an break times, and the quality of live streamed video were just some of the highlights that received great attendee reviews. For more about on this project, please see the photos below.


Project Showcase