New Year’s Eve Seattle Space Needle

Project Scope

One of Illuminates favorite productions is New Year’s Eve at the Space Needle in Seattle, WA. In 2018 and 2019 we engaged with the event’s creative director and the pyrotechnic company to provide a lighting system that would compliment with the evening’s program.

Historically, the lighting for this event was simply comprised of a color wash treatment from existing architectural lighting. The desire was to have lighting play a more immersive role including moving beam fixtures and gobo pattern projection. At 605 feet tall, lighting an iconic structure such as this is no small task, but IPS was up to the challenge.


IPS’ VP of Design, Caleb Franke worked directly with the creative director of Infinity Visions, a world-renowned multi media and pyrotechnic design company. Caleb applied his extensive experience in designing highly creative and impactful concert lighting scenes and cues and was able seamlessly integrate with the existing pyro and music design.


To make an impression with lighting outdoors that is visible throughout a major metropolitan area requires some special gear. Not only do the lighting fixtures need to be incredibly bright, they need to withstand harsh environmental variables. In the case of the Space Needle that includes extreme cold, rain, moisture, and high winds. IPS chose some of our best IP-65 (outdoor rated) gear by Elation Professional for this job including:

  • 12-Elation Proteus Hybrid Beams
  • 21-Elation Proteus Beams
  • 30-Elation Paladin (Strobe-Color Wash-Blinder)


The Seattle Space Needle is not like a standard building that has freight elevators and getting our lighting fixtures distributed throughout the structure is definitely a sizeable job. This includes carrying 84 pound Proteus Hybrid fixtures one trip at a time on backpack rigs. Safety and efficiency is always a priority for us at Illuminate, but this project gave us the opportunity to put those skills to the test. The unique design of the Space Needle makes access  to lighting install positions take longer and the crew is exposed to some pretty incredible wind speeds, but IPS is up for all the challenges on this great project! The install is approximately a week long process of load in, rigging, testing, and rehearsal. Seattle residents and visitors are treated to nightly light shows as a “pre-show” preview for a few nights prior to New Year’s Eve.


There is no other New Year’s Eve celebration as iconic as this on the entire West Coast. Party goers in Seattle ring in the New Year with a pyro and lighting spectacular that rivals festivities in New York and Dubai. Illuminate was honored to help elevate New Year’s Eve in Seattle for 2018 and 2019 to a world-class experience and we are looking forward to doing so again in the future. For more information on this project, please see the links below:


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