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'IPS Thorn Press Release

IPS Thorn Press Release

Elation Lighting and Video Enhance Drama of “The Thorn”

Popular touring Passion Play made even more inspirational using state-of-the-art entertainment technology

Passion Plays, traditional theatrical depictions of the life and death of Jesus, have been an Easter season staple for centuries and the modern-day touring production “The Thorn,” with a full Elation lighting and LED video package, is arguably one of the best.

'Acclaim LEDs light Linday’s trees

Acclaim LEDs light Linday’s trees

USA – Nestled in the foothills of the Sierras and best known for olives and orange groves, Lindsay, CA has become known for some very innovative municipal programmes promoted by its forward-thinking Mayor Ed Murray , along with city manager Scot Townsend, head of city services Mike Camarena, and associate engineer Neyba Amezcua.

When the city recently undertook an extensive downtown makeover that included new roads, sidewalks, street lights and trees, Mayor Murray and his team wanted to do something that would really put the town on the map and make it stand out.

Anyone who visits Lindsay will see they succeeded. Hundreds of ornamental Chinese pistache and palm trees that line a six-block area in the city’s downtown district are now aglow in brilliant colour – pinks, purples, blues, oranges, and a whole spectrum of dramatic hues. The trees are lit up with inground colour-changing RGB LED fixtures from Acclaim Lighting, designed and supplied by Illuminate Production Services (IPS).

Rick Franke of IPS said that his company won the bid for the Lindsay project after demo-ing the Acclaim LED fixtures and submitting a proposal. “The city manager asked me to help him think of something innovative they could do to their downtown area that would enhance the town’s atmosphere and make it more inviting and friendly,” said Franke. “He wanted something that would have the potential to be very festive and thematic during each season. We created this by lighting the trees with unique colour sequences.”

The fixture used for the project is Acclaim’s X-Drum HIP, an IP68-rated outdoor RGB LED fixture in rugged diecast stainless steel housing. Mountable inground, it is powered by 36 bright Luxeon RBG LEDs. Franke said he chose the X-Drum HIP because it is “a powerful LED fixture. To my knowledge there is not another LED fixture as bright that is rated for inground and even submersible applications. It has great intensity and colour saturation, along with a nice beam angle for many things, specifically trees on this project.”

Some 225 downtown trees have been “lit up,” with two or three fixtures per tree. The fixtures are controlled via a wireless DMX system from Acclaim’s sister company Elation Professional, the EWDMX system. Three universes of DMX are transmitted wirelessly from a 50′ mast at City Hall to more than 20 pedestals filled with power supplies throughout the downtown area. Inside each pedestal is an EWDMX receiver with an individual IP-rated antenna designed for signal boost as well as all-weather application.

(Jim Evans)

'Elation lights ice at Stockton Arena

Elation lights ice at Stockton Arena

8 May 2009

USA – Since arriving in Stockton, CA in 2005-06, the Thunder hockey team has captured the passion of Central Valley sports fans, leading the ECHL league in attendance for four consecutive seasons. The team plays every game before a packed house at Stockton Arena, a 10,000-seat facility located along the city’s downtown waterfront.

This year, the Thunder wanted to light up their home ice with as much excitement as they light up the crowd. So the team’s management called on Stockton-based Illuminate Production Services (IPS) to design and install a new lighting rig around the scoreboard and video screens at Stockton Arena.

“Previously, the Thunder had rented a lighting rig each season,” said Rick Franke of IPS. “But this wasn’t efficient, so they were looking to purchase their own lighting.” According to Franke, the team needed lighting that was affordable, extremely high quality, and alive with colour, motion and texture.

To meet all these criteria, Franke and Stockton Arena’s technical director Stephen Jester used lighting products from Elation Professional, along with trussing from Elation’s sister company Global Truss. A 51′ diameter circular truss rig was constructed with Global products to frame the arena’s huge Daktronics scoreboard and video screens. 16 Elation Design LED 36 high-output RGB LED colour changing fixtures were installed in the rig as truss warmers. Additionally, six Elation Power Spot 700 CMY II 700W DMX moving heads were hung from the truss.

Franke also chose an Elation product to control the system – Compu 2048FC PC-based lighting control software. One of the programming requirements is to sync the lighting to the arena’s Daktronics screens, and the Compu software’s Easy Show time line sequencing feature makes it easy to cue scenes to music and video files. Additionally, the software’s multi-media-triggering capability makes it simple for the staff at Stockton Arena to run the show.